I bought the Most Expensive Contact Lenses (Paid $550)  from dope2111

I bought the Most Expensive Contact Lenses (Paid $550) from dope2111

Year: 2018
Authors: dope2111
Post: Admin
0 seconds 720 WARNING: Not all Halloween contacts/color contacts are FDA approved and safe for your eyes (Vision loss etc) so be super careful when using them. Also, Sclera Lenses are only safe to wear in eyes for few hours cause of the thickness and not being as breathable(My eyes feel quite dry today even though I only had it on for 30 mins). I purchased from this place because they seem to have made contacts for celebs and movies before. Oh, and they also contacted me this morning saying they accidentally put the numbers in and charged me so I guess it was a mistake. I can't believe I paid $550 for a pair of contact and successfully put them on too. I think a lot of you guys thought this was a clickbait but no these are real contacts. I was so tempted to buy them when I came across a korean youtuber who reviewed them. It was so hard to find but thanks to some of my helpful viewers one listed belowThanks Wink818 for helping to find them : Pure.D Channel : do you think of these contacts?? What Halloween look would match these contacts?? Leave the ideas on the comments below.Tee : Yesstyle Please 'Like' and Subscribe if you enjoy my content !!!! Comments:
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